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I must stay to protect you.

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Elsa’s Ice Castle + Colors.

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You two are so adorable.

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Sky Series by Eric Cahan

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Natural Selection + Space

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Julia. Girl. Law Student. Also studying Japanese and trying to teach myself Korean. Whovian. Hardcore Shipper. Stanatic. Tribute . THG. K-Pop. Bones. Castle. Fringe. Doctor Who New Girl. Orphan Black. Big Bang Theory. Friends. Chuck. 30 Rock. Glee. House MD. In Plain Sight. Saturday Night Live. Law & Order SVU. Nikita. How I Met Your Mother. Rizzoli & Isles. Modern Family. Music. Anime. Hetalia. Kuroshitsuji. Shingeki no Kyojin. Clannad. KDrama. Recommend you read the about me :) Met Kriszti on May 12th 2012 *-* ♥ awesome people online
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